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the official zhoumi/siwon comm

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the official Siwon/Zhoumi fan works comm
♔ the kings shiyuan & zhoumi
this isgentlemen_wonmi, a fan works community dedicated to the relationship between super junior-m members zhoumi and shiyuan (siwon).
they are also known as yuanmi, shimi and zhouwon. let us celebrate their relationship with fan art, fiction, and pictures.

un - be a fan of these three. we don't care if you don't like the pairings, but please love these two individuals.
deux - respect everyone that posts here, super junior, and yourself. there will be no bashing!
trois - don't go off topic. any of the two is nice, but please don't post something about SHINee or f(x), seeing as it is off topic. keep posts to siwon, zhoumi and wonmi. any spam will be deleted.
quatre - please tag correctly. a tutorial is here
cinq - for fanworks as fanfiction or fanart, please state the pairing, title, rating and summary.
six - images must be under an lj-cut, and any fanfiction posted to gentlemen_wonmimust be under an lj-cut too. but you can fake lj-cut if you like to your own journal.
sept - all entries must be unlocked for at least three days so that people can read/see them.
huit - listen to the mods and follow the rules
neuf - but most importantly, have fun!

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